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This year’s Natural Food Expo West in Anaheim was absolutely off the charts. It just keeps getting better and bigger and more people interested in products that enhance your mind, body, and spirit. I spent a good two hours per each row really dropping in and was very happy to see so many fantastic new products doing great things.

The headcount for the show this year was approx 87,000 people! With so much growth there were obviously many new products on the table which required really dropping in to learn about the integrity of the companies and their ingredients. One of the things that disappointed me was the abundance of added sugar still found in so many products that people were trying to claim were “made for gut health”,  or better even just made for health.  But there were definitely brands that went far beyond what I would have ever expected to find and one of them was Gutsii chocolate!

Being a lover of Switzerland, chocolate and all things gut healthy you can only imagine how excited I was when I was introduced to Gutsii pre-biotic, pro-biotic, keto-friendly, NO SUGAR ADDED, vegan SWISS chocolate. The Gutsii Gals were definitely my absolute favorite at the Expo.

“Gutsii Chocolate?” … Yes! Chocolate that is good for the gut. That’s what I’m saying when I write pre-biotic, pro-biotic, keto friendly, vegan,  no sugar added, SWISS chocolate.  This means chocolate that you can eat and that makes you feel good. I took one bite of this Gutsii chocolate, l and I said to the founder, “Oh wow, do I ever love how your chocolate feels inside of my body.” And she just looked and she laughed and she said, “Oh girl, you get it, don’t you?”  I certainly did

I’m thrilled to announce that Gutsii founders Tamara Loher and Emily Diamond loved SITA as much as I loved Gutsii which was a match made in wellness heaven! They offered to spread some chocolate love to all those SITA Gals out there for Mothers Day. How sweet of them!!

So I will be sharing as much of this Gutsii chocolate with all of you as possible. I have ordered a big box and I want to let you all know that we’ll be providing a Gutsii chocolate gift ensemble for each Mothers Day order of SITA  so that we can share this magic with our moms. “Yayy!!.. Thank you Gutsii Gals!!”

Cheers to Mothers in Style and chocolate Gutsii Love

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