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Sita Thompson June 6, 2019 No Comments

It’s awesome to reminisce over  GSN Buyers Conference 2019  at CIVANA resort in Carefree.  The beauty of the blossoming desert is always perfection!  In addition to all of the great meetings and new friendships, I was excited to see the CIVANA spa uniforms come to life. Loved that!  And I wasn’t expecting our gift bags to be such a sensation. It was so cool to see how many people wanted them that we decided to bring them into the collection. The Suzy Strap Sack will soon be avail 🙂

 As I prepare for my speech at the Four Seasons in Palo Alto where I’ll be speaking on sustainable fashion for Wellness Week, I cannot help but reflect on this past GSN show and really ponder what sustainable fashion means to me, and sustainability at large. As for fashion, it’s definitely about ethological fabrics, contemporary style,  versatility, and cuts that are locally created for longevity.  In addition, and equally important, sustainability is community. It’s people working together for the common good of raising consciousness as a whole for humanity.  I will be speaking about the fashion industry being the sixth top pollutant in the world,  just next to energy, transportation, industry, residential/commercial, agriculture and forestry and land management. The ironic thing is fashion fuels each one of those top five most destructive elements of our environment so it might as well be the 2nd largest polluting industry in the world. This is intense! So yes, I will be speaking about that, but in preparation of this lecture what has really been revealed to me is what IS working and how to perpetuate the healing and raising of awareness. This really drives a strong feeling home for my love for Green Spa Network and the wonderful opportunities and platforms GSN provides for sustainable companies. This is something to be celebrated and thanked.

This year, I am grateful for all that the conference provided;  the wonderful new relationships, fellow sustainable brand buddy’s,  and to Joanna Roche for bringing in the Grace-Line EQ seminar from Nantucket. I feel this added such a sweet opening for everybody involved to really drop into self-responsibility, awareness and finally a commitment to how we show up… Not just in our business and in our social life but mostly with ourselves when no one else is watching. .Growing up in an alternative family with an organic farmer as a father and an astrology reader/guru mom, I always felt like I was on the outside looking in. As I come full circle with a budding sustainable fashion career and colleagues who’s whole life’s mission are in alignment with how I was raised, I’m no longer on the outside looking in, I am within and without. I feel that conscious community is the support and “graceline” to inner community, inner connection, I am elated to have shared this once again with this awesome GSN tribe. So nice to meet everybody, and I look forward to staying connected and celebrating and honoring each other at every step of our journey.



Sita Thompson

Sita Thompson, Founder SITA Couture. LA-based, Woman-Owned sustainable lifestyle apparel company. Selling to spa's and resorts around the world speaking to the conscious consumer. Winner of 2019 "brand on the rise" by the Los Angeles Business Journal

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