My Inspiration

My inspiration at a young age was my love of color, self-expression and making things with my hands. The construction process, the instant gratification of being able to make what I envisioned was awesome. Having a Mexican-Indian organic farmer for a dad, he didn’t understand my passion for fashion, but he did appreciate my love for making things and bought me my first sewing machine.

I was a very energetic kid, from biking, tree climbing, and mud-wrestling with my brothers, sewing became a way for me to focus my abundant energy. My mother taught me how to sew and my step-mom was also an amazing seamstress and botanist. She helped me with my rose garden and taught me how to make homemade popurri. By the time I was 12 I was selling popurri pillows at the local farmer’s market. It was very exciting for me to make my first 20 dollars from something I had made with my own two hands.

Moving forward into my mid-teens I was inspired by a family friend from Europe who was a couture designer. She came every summer to work on my dad’s organic farm and brought us all gifts from her collection. She taught me the difference between ‘Designer’ and the generic brand. When I wore her clothes I felt her, it was amazing. I had the opportunity to study with her at 17 while I was in school at Europe. I didn’t realize it then but she was definitely a huge inspiration to me.

Mother India

We have many Indians that represent India to America, but I’ve never quite seen an American, who represents India to India. From her name, to her mannerisms to the home she has made for herself, she is Indian. The trouble is, she is, but, American! Her name is Sita Thompson and if you ask any of her friends in Mumbai, they’ll tell you that she’s not American, but Indian.


Kathak, the major classical dance form of northern India, is essentially the art of storytelling through portrayal of a variety of traditional characters. This is done through music, song and dance. The word kathak means “to tell a story”. Kathak is derived from the dance dramas of ancient India. A Kathaka is the one who enacts the epic and mythological story’s of ancient times.

Questions & Answers

What’s your astrology sign?


What’s your favorite quote?

“As you do one thing, as you do everything.”

What’s your favorite place that you have visited?

That’s a loaded question, as I love so many places. For the mountains, it would be Norway, for the beach it would be Jamaica, for the soul it would be India.

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the workplace?

The best advice I would give to new entrepreneurs is to do everything that you do the best that you can. Study, intern, apply yourself, be obsessed. I want people to dive in, and attack their passion, and to get educated on the subject. Reading, reading, and reading some more. Finding mentors in your chosen field, knowing your demographic, knowing who you sell to, and having a story you to apply. It’s a taxing journey, and important to remember that your health is your wealth, so make it just as important to focus on your well-being. Have a practice every day that keeps you well and grounded.

How do you achieve work-life balance?

My hobbies. I love my hobbies, I love interior design, and I’m a homemaker, so I love cleaning, creating, painting, and shifting the energy. I’m very athletic, it’s part of my core. I hike, rock climb, ocean swim, bike, box etc. When I’m not training and eating right I feel out of balance. I do the best I can to meal prep as well as stay active. Live music and comedy are also favorites. Live entertainment in general. I also go to yoga, have dinner parties, hang with friends, and love cooking good nutritious food. I strive to achieve life balance with travel, adventure, and bringing good people and great energy into my space.

How did you get where you are today, and who / what helped you along the way?

I got where I am today because I’m a scrapper, I embrace challenges, and I have amazing people around me. I keep up with my relationships, and the important people in my life, and always seek to grow. Hats off to my parents who did a great job with me as a young girl, always pushing me and making me think for myself. My time in India was also big and really helped me find my way. Finally, every financier, colleague, mentor, writer, intern, buyer, blogger, and model have definitely all contributed to getting me and the company where we are today.

Did you find starting your business easier or harder than you thought it would be?

Funny question. Starting my business was both easy and difficult at the same time. I didn’t have a lot of the knowledge that I suggest people should get. I didn’t understand marketing, or production, and I didn’t have any business background, I just jumped in and started going. I wish I would have done more research because some of the trials could have been smoother if I had more knowledge about business. All I knew was that I could create a look and feel that women wanted, and I could connect with people. But the challenges rooted around the things I didn’t know which I had to learn, and still learning. Entrepreneurship is ever-evolving process.

What was it like making the leap into working for yourself?

I’ve always worked for myself, so it was like leaping deeper for me. I never worked for anyone. It’s just been taken it a notch further. The only time I ever had a job was in college and that was short lived.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve overcome as a business?

There are many. The biggest hurdle that I have had is in the process of mustering up my confidence again after a hit. Whether it was a production hit, or not being on my A-game and missing an opportunity, or a problem with a colleague. The continuous challenge is finding that self-love and getting back on the horse, and not letting those hits affect me. Every single time, my lack of confidence is what hurts me and all I can do is bring myself up.

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

The interaction with the most amazing women in the world that I have ever met. The fun, the adventure, the creativity, the collaboration, and the new relationships made on a daily basis. Changing people’s lives, helping them, creating a community, and the love. The rewarding feeling I have when I get over those knocks becomes a huge spiritual expansion which turns into growth. Providing this platform for myself and others is incredible rewarding.

Sita Thompson's


Sita Thompson grew up in Valley Center, Long Beach California on an organic farm. She studied at CSU Long Beach and abroad in Europe for two years. While she studied in Europe she had the opportunity to intern with Irene Dill, a couture designer, for her private label.

Sita lived in India for 6 years working as a brand ambassador for multinationls while also studying and performing classical Indian dance. The
combination of commerce and art was the creative business inspiration that has become SITA Couture.

Sita has won the National Friendship Committee Award by former Prime Minister of India for “Being American by Birth, but Indian by Heart and Values- A Role Model for Society.”

Sita is also a Women Business Enterprise National Council Member (WBENC). She is part of the LA Trade Tech board of fashion division.