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SITA COUTURE - Rising Brand 2019


I embrace everything I do with passion and dedication. Family, health, travel, adventure, making people feel good, and working in a team environment are the things I love most. I’m inspired by vitality, wellness and connection. I bring my craft into the lives of women.

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LABJ Rising Brand of the Year Award

Rising Brand of the year, how did that feel? Why do you think you won? It was an honor to receive the 2020 Rising Brand of the year from The Los Angeles Business Journal presented by fashion icon Ilsa Metchek. This award is for everyone who has been part of our communal growth. It felt […]

SITA Couture Creativity and Compassion Contest!

We want to know what you’ve been up to! What inspiring things have happened over these last few months? And what SITA Couture outfits have kept you feeling amazing and comfortable? Play the SITA Couture Compassion & Creativity Contest for your chance to share your story and win a SITA Couture gift certificate and a gift […]

SITA Safe Masks are here!

My name is Sita Thompson. I’m the Founder of SITA Couture — a lifestyle apparel brand that serves the spa, resort, and yoga industries. For nearly eight years, 100% of our apparel has been made in Los Angeles. I love this city and feel proud to be a part of it. I want to do […]

SITA Fashion model for a day

Hello! My name is Maria Anselmo. I’m from Brazil and I’m a Social Media intern and blogger for SITA Couture. Anybody who personally knows Sita Thompson, founder SITA Couture, will probably attest to the fact that it’s highly possible that Sita thinks

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