About SITA Couture

SITA Couture is a sustainable lifestyle apparel company based in Los Angeles, California. We design and manufacture 100% in the USA and create a full range line with eco-friendly materials season to season!

Capturing style, elegance, and versatility not only in the life of the everyday woman, but also in some of the world’s leading resorts, spas, and boutiques.

We believe that fashion is an energy, not an age. We support women worldwide, and encourage a life full of love, dedication, and courage. We care about our women, and the women who buy from us care about the world.

The brand is best known for well-constructed collections that are designed to support an active woman’s lifestyle while simultaneously giving her uber comfort and high fashion appeal. We are cater to a full range of seasons and categories.

This line tempts the sensual side with body hugging silhouettes and feminine details that will make all facets of your life a stunning expression of individual style and taste. The well-constructed designs, made with eco fabrics, are as sexy as ever, evoking an air of strength, endless versatility, and a fearless sense that anything can be accomplished.

The SITA Couture audience is abundant with yoga enthusiasts, free thinkers, athletes, moms, environmentalists, on camera talent, and conscious business women. We speak to a demographic who cares; They care about how the product is made, where the product is made, the company who makes the product, and most importantly how they look and feel in the product. It is a very aware audience who embraces our conscious business model.

Look Book

2020 Edition

Capability Statement

SITA Couture is a luxury lifestyle apparel brand catering to the spa/resort/travel demographic. We use fashion as a platform to support women’s causes globally, to educate children, and to inspire a life full of love, dedication, and confidence. We are pioneers in the fashion industry with our unique designs and innovative brand model.

Company Couture

I believe in empowering people by providing a creative workspace and clear direction. I love working as a team where we are focused and driven while simultaneously enjoying what we’re doing.

SITA Couture is a company that provides opportunity.

I work with people who’s self-growth is a vital part of their life, because this propels the progression of all us as a company.

We are a lifestyle brand, that inspires health and wellness, and a life full of vitality. In order to achieve this, we must practice it.

Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean
– Ryunosuke Satoro

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