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“SITA Couture is an LA-based woman-owned lifestyle brand. We exist to inspire. We provide women with sustainably sourced, locally manufactured, and effortlessly stylish garments. SITA couture empowers women to look and feel their absolute best with styles that comfortably embrace the feminine figure without overwhelming or distracting from the natural beauty within. SITA Couture’s line of elegant spa and lounge wear incorporates wellness and holistic health with fashion”. ~ Sita Thompson

The brand was created by former dancer and model, Sita Thompson. The line is inspired by Thompson’s unique life experience. She was raised on an organic farm with both Mexican and Native heritage. She learned to sew as a young girl, and at eleven years old started making her own patterns. At the age of seventeen, she moved to Paris to begin a career in fashion. She traveled around the world, spent seven years living in India, immersed herself within various cultures, became fluent in several languages, and learned all about fabrics, design, and beauty. Her unique life experience is infused into each style of the brand. Today, the line focuses on three aspects for the modern woman: comfort, versatility, and sensuality. Clients include women from all walks of life who want to feel as good as they look. ~ LABJ SITA Couture “Rising Brand of the Year 2020”

Fashion & Beauty Awards: Direct-to-Consumer Finalist

SITA COUTURE (Official Los Angeles Business Journal Release)

It was an honor to receive the 2020 Rising Brand of the year from The Los Angeles Business Journal presented by fashion icon Ilsa Metchek. This award is for everyone who has been part of our communal growth. It felt great and we appreciated it very much. The Los Angeles fashion scene is a very tight-knit community intertwined with manufacturers, fabricators, media, models, events, etc. SITA Couture is very proactive within the community and within the industry. We have been giving back since conception and I think people see this involvement and passion and want to celebrate it.

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