Ethics & Sustainability

Our Commitment

1. Where do you manufacture & why?

We are committed to manufacturing in Los Angeles California which cuts down on our use of fossil fuels that would be needed if we were producing clothing overseas.  This cuts back on our environmental impact as well as enabling us to visit our factories regularly which is something that is very important in order to insure quality and correct work ethics are intact.

2. How do you make sure that the people sewing for SITA Couture are being treated fairly?

We feel strongly about being socially responsible in all aspects of production, manufacturing locally gives us the opportunity to visit our factories often and see the treatment and condition of workers first hand.  We only work with reputable manufacturers who produce according to high labor standards and safe working conditions.  These sites are visited weekly and recorded.  We have a zero tolerance policy for anything unlawful accusing at our manufacturing sites.

3. How are your materials sustainable?

The magic is in the fabric.  Our fabric choices are sustainable because of their unique properties of being bio-degradable, recyclable, and require little to no pesticides.  We use organic linen, organic cotton voile, modal as our knit, and recycled polyester.

4. How are your practices considered sustainable?

Producing locally and using sustainable fabrics is very important to us. In addition we have a thriving mentorship program and company culture that educates and promotes health & wellness. Empowering and raising the world around us is key to sustaining and growing our environment. We know that each of theses choices create a big differences. The people creating the product are just as important than the product itself.

We believe in people. We address every aspect of the business with respect and diligence. From our manufacturing partners to the fabrics we use, we are mindful of our global impact and social responsibility.