Breast Health

In a recent study (source) has discovered that underwires in bras are unhealthy for women. Here at SITA Couture, we strive for health and vitally in women, and our line focuses on the benefit to women’s bodies and health. Several of our lines are designed around giving bra-like support that creates comfort and ease, which in-turn gives you more peace. Chi Chi Maxi and the Mimi top have built-in shelves while also being constructed with elasticated straps that creates this support, all while being backless and bra-less!

Chi Chi Maxi does not only have a built-in shelf, but also a double layer which adds weight and the comfort of a slip dress.  The Kiara and the Elih come with the optional bandeaus for the same reason.  Many women, especially all the models who wear those styles, love to just be braless with them…  Or have little tanks or bathing suits underneath.  Kiara Maxi and Elih are also really cute with contrast colors underneath (tank tops, bathing suits or bandaus)