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Opening of SIlverado Spa

with the awesome Suzy Bordeaux Rohlfs

When the lovely Spa Director, Susie Bordeaux-Johlfs, invited us to come up to Silverado Resort and Spa in Napa, CA and do a trunk show, I was elated. I’d never been to Napa and I was excited. Being a lover of wine and all things quaint and beautiful, it was time to hit the road and go see what Napa had to offer.

After all I had heard and read about Napa, I had even seen a movie on it, I was extremely surprised how small and “far away” it felt once I got there.  Napa is only a few hours from San Francisco, but the receptionist was in awe that I was from LA and wondered if it was dangerous. I thought that was both funny and adorable at the same time!

Front of the gorgouse Silverado Resort

The Silverado Resort and Spa was hosting a VIP from the White House. I have no idea who it was. It was all top secret.  I remember going into this very circa 1920s classic building with private detectives trying to be undercover casually placed everywhere. I felt kind of like I was in a real-life James Bond movie.

We checked in and got up to our rooms, which were very quaint. Little lace curtains, beautiful antiques, and turn of the century artwork on the wall. This historical feel added to the depth of the experience.

Yes please! A nectar smelling massage any day of the week..

The views were lush and the air smelt like flowers and grapes. It was great being up there when it was a little chilly because there were fireplaces everywhere outside, as well as in the restaurants and bars. It was very cozy. They also had these awesome outdoor massage rooms that were amazing to experience.

There is a golf course that takes a large part of the back end of Silverado, and the front end is filled with stunning flowers and blossoms of every type. It smells like sweet nectar everywhere.

The local town of Napa is just a few miles away from the Silverado Resort. The shopping was amazing and we had this fantastic paella at some classy Spanish hole in the wall that was definitely the most flavorful Spanish food I’ve ever had!

Feeling blissful after an amazing massage!!

Back at Silverado, my favorite place to eat was at the Silverado Resort Cafe. So happy to see all of the healthy choices that Suzy has picked out for her cafe. Being able to get fresh celery, cucumber, and carrot juice right after my workout, Gutsii chocolate bars and homemade fig pudding was something very special. Good food post an amazing workout, massage, and steam just extends and enhances the bliss and healthy benefits of the healing experience!

Customer loving her new Gillian Cape!

Our trunk show was a blast. We put our posters in the opening of the spa, which has a grand entrance. It kind of feels like you’re walking into a modern-day Roman spa.

People always ask, what are the best sellers at these places. Believe it or not, it’s always something different with each property.

At Silverado, the Lori wrap, the Chichi and the Kiara just seem to be the style that blow out in the summer. In the winter, Lucy Hoodie and Simone Jacket are loved for their warmth and easy style.

I would say that there are two highlights to my trip to Napa at Silverado: Number one is the stunning beauty and the overall elegant experience. But when I close my eyes and really drop-in, I think about the people. They are just two hours North of San Francisco yet felt so small town. I love their Little House on the Prairie mindset while with so much luxurious splendor all around them.

Time to dive into Silverado!

That’s the charm of Napa. The little town sweet with amazing opulence makes Silverado Resort and Spa one of my top 5 West Coast Staycation location destinations!!


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