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Civana sunset bliss

CIVANA Spa and Resort in Carefree, Arizona has a special place in my heart. Me and many of my friends were there from the conception, to market.  This desert oasis brain-child of Rianna Riego and Kevin Stacy has blossomed beautifully.

If you haven’t heard of it, CIVANA is very affordable staycation healing resort in the middle of Carefree, Arizona. It has been locally and internationally appreciated for its simplicity and ease.

We did a trunk show with them before it opened for the staff and locals, which was an absolute blast!   Then we furnished their boutique with SITA Couture and actually got to design the uniforms for the spa gals. Finally, we were at CIVANA again a few months back for the Green Spa Network show just before summer for a week.  I’ve watched it grow!

Taking the herb walk in my Swazzi shorts and Mimi top!

Good times with a local guest

It’s always wonderful to be there and indulge in all of the wonderful healing and exploration that CIVANA has to offer. The desert herb walk is fascinating and the guest healers that they bring through are really special.. But my most recent CIVANA hooray was their Zumba class!! I had never taken Zumba and now I’m hooked. This is the great thing about getting out and about and trying new things! I’m forever grateful to CIVANA for my new Zumba obsession!

If you happen to find yourself in Carefree, Arizona and have a desire to go check out this awesome resort, then I suggest you book yourself for the following: a Watsu treatment, a taste of their pineapple green drink,  a foot massage, equine therapy, and definitely  the nature plant walk where you’ll  learn about all of the medicinal desert plants and nectars.

Who doesn’t love an outdoor shower under the sky? Go get it!

When you’re done with all of that, stop by the boutique and check out SITA Couture in the spa. They have the Mermaid collection and the wraps but their best sellers are the linens and cottons; Penny Mini, the Millie Shorts, Tuscany blouse and all of the cute and frilly pieces that not everybody wears in other parts of the world, but at CIVANA, they sure love them. Of course this is because of the intense Arizona dry heat, and maybe they just like it cute in AZ 😉

The spa tops we designed for the spa!

CIVANA Spa and Resort gets a triple thumbs up from me and is definitely one of my top 5 staycation destinations.

I can’t wait to hear all about your life-altering experience when you decide to take my advice and take the CIVANA plunge!

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