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I’m back from Dr. Duc Vuong s fantastic Velocity Vegas event and just filled with love and appreciation for the wonderful experience and amazing new salinas edwards I have so many mini stories and things to talk about but I’m going to start by shouting out to the sensational and beautiful women who pretty much BLEW ME AWAY.

I’m not easily surprised but wen u show me a journey that I don’t know much about and you explain the “mindset” that got u there and you have photos that help describe the story…. And you have passion and courage, on top of radiant success, we’ll were talking miracle stuff and this is very exciting to me.

Get ready to be surprised:

All the women in these photos were formerly 100-200 lbs heavier than what u see in these photos. When I asked them to prove it (because I could never imagine), then that photo was right at the top to show and celebrate what is no longer. They’ve had the surgery but the surgery is only 10% (because the weight can come back in few months if you let it) …the rest is mindset, 100% commitment and lifestyle.

Talk about “doing the work!!” Each woman was only 1-3yrs post surgery so even if with the weight gone they still had a difficult time when they were trying on clothes and realizing they were no longer 3x plus sizes but now smalls. It was pretty cool. Debbie MooreThe weight loss part is definitely an amazing factor but the thing to celebrate is the greatness that this huge journey brought them.

They had to become masterful. They created a second chance for themselves and they took it. I had a blast fitting them and watching how they owned it.

I dunno know about you but I see absolutely no clear evidence of anybody seeming unsure about their size in these photos. I see confidence rightly owned.There were some amazing speakers at this Velocity 2019 event, who knocked me off my seat as well…But these ladies are my hero’s!!!

Velocity Vegas Conference
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