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The beginning of Spring is always flushed with blossoming gatherings and so much productive energy!  From LAFW – Harvest Moon show to the the powerful Dim Sum Yum breakfast with the WBEs to now the most happening food show in the world…

The NATURAL FOODS EXPO WEST in Anaheim California has been a annual go to since I was a kid. My dad has been showing and / or attending since I was 7 or 8 years old.  The excitement hasn’t changed since the show has gotten bigger.  Now just more and more awesome food and wellness companies doing great things and showing the world how to take our health n’ wellness into our own hands and heal with good food and knowledge.

I’m a firm believer that not every diet is for everybody but conferences like these provide everything so we can really move through that journey of discovery with options and  information. There is so much to learn!

I tried crickets for the 1st time and was blown away with what I learned about insectatarian eaters and the nutritional elements of insects.

We were only able to join my dad for one day (not all 3 days like I would have preferred). But in one long day we were able to meet so many great brands and fantastic leaders in the wellness world that I left feeling fulfilled.

Expo West Adventures With Sita ThompsonAs good luck would have it,  a few of the WBENC heads were at the show seeking out woman owned wellness brands. Pamela Williamson, President of WBENC West and my dad were like two chiefs of their tribes, and Dawn Marchand and I had a great time chatting up brands that we’ d like to see involved with our up and coming WBENC regional Palm Springs fashion event.

Expo West Adventures - Sita Thompson
Our lifetime family friend, business mentor and wellness legend Bill Galt was also there from the Yucatán. At 90 something and going strong he continues to be an inspiration and beam of light for us all.

Conventions and gatherings can be such action packed powerhouses where so much bonding and progress takes place. Tis the season for blossoming, coming out of hibernation and communing with like minded people to Sita Thompson At Expo West Adventuresroll out the next phases of wonder, hi-vibe living, and awesome sharing.

My next adventure in Carmel is coming up in a few days. I’ll be joining the GSN tribe for my first annual Congress seminar which will be celebrating GSN‘s 10th year. This is sure to be a wonderful experience that will only enrich all the magic that has already taken place this year. I’m packing my bag full of some of my favorite new brands from the Expo West. In just two day’s I’m already addicted to Sun Chorella, Soap Creek, Earthy Spa, Good light Candles and many many more!

I’ll be sure to bring excess samples to share with my friends at Congress!  Expo West, thank you for your service…. see you next year!!


Expo West Adventures

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