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Sita Thompson February 2, 2018 No Comments

It’s an honor and thrill to announce the cover story and spread for Maryam Morrison’s the EDEN magazine.

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Getting the cover story is particularly special to me because it represents the magical sister vibe that has propelled and fueled my whole company. It simultaneously reminded me of how wonderful it is to work with the best!

If you’ve been following the company culture you know what an amazing experience we had at STYLE fashion week. It was a wonderful platform where the uber talent walked and danced and turned the runway into a cultural experience. New to the mix wearing SITA Couture was the darling Dustin Quick.  Dustin is a KTLA fashion reporter and cover girl extrodinaire…

Maryam from the EDEN magazine was in the audience center stage in the press booth, and post show mentioned to Dustin that she loved the line and wanted to meet me. Dustin immediately organized the meeting and the rest is history.  Maryam and I have been locked at the hip ever since. Maryam loved everything about SITA Couture and I loved everything about the EDEN magazine. Her mission: to bring harmony, positive thoughts & love into your life.

Oh my gosh.. bring it on! The EDEN is a fully flushed lifestyle magazine covering everything from travel, health & fitness, spirituality, FASHION, art, universal brotherhood and music. When I heard that Neal Donald Walsh (Conversations with God) was one of her monthly contributors I was like, “I’m subscribing now!!” and she was like, “that’s fine but I also want you to be on the cover”. This was such a sweet moment because honestly I didn’t know such a great periodical even existed, much less that I would be on the cover!

The next step was getting the story written and shooting the layout… Yet more layers of magical unfoldings.

The gorgeous, sensational and phenomenal Scott Duffy ghost wrote with Maryam as they pulled my journey out of my mind and put it on on to paper. It was so fun to walk down memory lane with two pro writers who really wanted to know everything. It was an awesome reflection time filled with gratitude for all those people and places that were a part of me being where I am now. With a 7 page story there’s not a whole lot that was missed. My awesome pops and our beautiful weavers even got a mini layout!

The visual masters of the shoot were Todd Vitti and Blair Simon. Todd shot the cover and layout and Blair the sweet behind the scenes video.

I’ve known Todd for years and worked with him on many jobs when I modeled in LA before moving to India. This guy is one hell of a photographer who has shot with the biggest names in the business. Back in the day I used to be afraid of working with him because I was so intimidated, but this time with the EDEN on my side I was nothing short of proud to have one of the best fashion photographers in LA doing our layout! Thank you Todd Vitti.  And some how Blair Simon, the resident SITA Thompson videographer always knows how to flawlessly capture it all. Working with these experts and seeing these amazing images really makes me want to tell everybody to go get professionally shot!.. It will change the way you look at yourself!

My big take away from this experience has been the power of authenticity. Every layer of getting the story written, the cover shot, the video edited and layout completed was all done by the most brilliant people at what they do who I love and adore with all my heart, and who in return love and adore me and my company… and who were excited to be a part the project. That is how I always visioned SITA Couture to grow, with love, great people, amazing style and a whole lot of fun. It just goes to show that we really can have what we want.


Cheers to a continued life and business filled with this magic…




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