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Juan July 7, 2017 No Comments
Caribbean trip sita thompson

We’re just back from the Caribbean, a place that felt like home!

We met and collaborated with the island’s top spa and wellness professionals, and very happy to announce that SITA
Couture will soon be available in many Caribbean locations. Our flowy and comfortable styles made of fabrics that allow the skin to breath were definitely a hit.

This show in particular was focused on health and wellness, with a workshop for the spa practitioners on breast health lead by Touch Therapy expert Christine Clinton. Christine’s work and dedication to her practice moved us all.

Caribbean trip sita thompson 2017We’re not going to get into a heated debate about underwire bra’s but I think we can all attest to the role comfort plays in our state of being.

In a recent study we did amongst ourselves and with a few of our customers, we replaced traditional bra’s for our bandau’s, tops and dresses that are doubled or have a built in shelf, or our new bralette.

We found that 95% of the women (including our full staff), reported not missing the tight and or underwire bras in the least. The “ah ha” moment came when we understood that feeling comfortable was also letting our breast lymphatic system be free. Comfort equated to better health? Imagine that.

Caribbean trip sita renee thompsonOnce made aware, I don’t know a single woman who would disagree that freeing the nipple is not just a catchy phrase but also a healthy choice. Before this more thorough understanding of breast health shown to us by Christine, we already had numerous styles in our collection designed for breast comfort and freedom from the restraints of the traditional bra. With our new found awareness, and in collaboration with the amazing Christine Clinton, you can look forward to even more designs embracing breast health and comfort, and all in great style.


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