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Juan July 7, 2017 No Comments
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We are excited to share that we’re on the cover American Spa Magazine this month!

Maggy Dunphy, Director of Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness (La Cantera Resort, San Antonio) partnered with us to create a collection of lounge-wear that goes beyond the traditional options.

Maggy Jams express glamour’s answer to lounge-wear!

Introducing the Maggy Jams… Sleepwear for the modern woman by SITA Couture!

And “yes,” they were inspired by the wonder woman herself, Maggy Dunphy.

Loma de Vida Spa & Wellness is a renowned destination for self-healing that aspires to create a genuine wellness experience. Click here to learn more about this awesome property that SITA Couture is now an integral part of.

Another article we loved from this issue of the American Spa Magazine was written by our friend Michael G. Tompkins on the significance of ceremony in the work space. After reading Michael’s article we realized how much it spoke to us, but how little ceremony we actually practice in the work space.  So today itself we will be honoring Michael’s article by having a little party / ceremony for our fantastic web tech’s birthday.  He doesn’t know yet, but that’s okay.  Click here to read Michael’s article in full! Hopefully you’ll be inspired to create more ceremony in your work space as well.

Maggy Jams, celebrating comfort and style!
The kind of pajamas you’ll never want to take off!
Resort living is 365 nights a year in Maggy Jams

Click here to read the full blog review on Maggy Jams.


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