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Gifts of comfort, health, wellness and style for this holiday season and beyond!

The hottest selling items for holiday this year from SITA Couture are the little stocking stuffers that matter. Items that bring warmth, charm and style. Celeste Infinity ScarfHeather Leg Warmers, Camille Slip and Beanie Buns seem to be most in demand! Since our accessories are continuously a favorite amongst all, we’ve added a few new styles and offering  “buy two and get 3rd FREE”. In addition to our accessories, our Gift Guide for the Holidays and Beyond is all about our favorite spa brands that are certain to enhance the lives, skin and hearts of all gifted. Please read below to get inspired about the brands that have become a house hold name here at SITA Couture and learn why!

I’m constantly exposed to the best body and skin care in the world via the resort trade shows I participate in. These brands have become an active part of my life helping to enhance my body and skin as well as my life as a whole. I’m always asked which brands I think are the best and what would I suggest to somebody who doesn’t have a clue what products to use in an ocean of so many. I have a running list that I constantly send out to friends and family because I get asked about this so much. I thought it would be a sweet treat to share this list with my readers by way of a gift guide for the Holidays with life enhancing products they’ll love and appreciate far after the holidays are over!

I believe that skin care is similar to wardrobe & style and it changes frequently depending on my mood, the weather and what I’m doing that day. But like my wardrobe, as with my skin and body care, there are key pieces and elements that are always there.  I am a believer that the pores on our skin are like open mouths for nutrients as well as pollutants. With so many pollutants already out there in the environment, I’m a devoted to organic products. I can feel the difference.  The brands and items in this guide are organic and pure enough to eat, and the founders of these companies are committed to the best ingredients grown.  I hope you enjoy this gift guide as much as I enjoyed making it!

ORGANIC MAN  I know that men love self care, looking their best and skin care as much as women but have far less options. I have huge amounts of guys always asking me about skin care so I decided to write about my favorite line for men! Until I met OM4 I honestly didn’t know where to send them.  Ladies, hook up the men in your life with something they probably don’t even know has been made just for them.  OG4Men have great starter gift sets that make an amazing gift for the Holidays and Beyond!

TARA oils  has changed the way I bathe, the way I handle stress, the way I breathe and even the way I smell. My baths used to be 20 minutes long, now they are an hour plus because my body is so excited to be soaking up all of the amazing nutrients. There’s no getting me out of the tub any sooner!  TARA’s massage oils are so divine that I have become my own part time massuse! This product turns the water into magic and my skin well nourished butter. TARA oils are some of the purest on the market and you can feel it. I am a devotee. Enjoy the site and all the great information and education to be found. Anything from TARA would be an amazing gift for the Holidays and Beyond

SLOW BEAUTY  is a book that has kept me company and taught me so much. I feel its a book that belongs in every home. It defines beauty, how to cultivate beauty, how to appreciate it and how to find it everywhere around you (inside and out). It’s filled with rituals, history, humor, amazing recipes to eat and to use as remedy’s and home make skin care,  and tons of love and stunning visuals. A must have for the Holidays and Beyond!                                                                              

EMINENCE   The two Eastern European brothers who run this amazing company are as fantastic as their wonderful brand. I’ve tried so many of their products. I’m in love with the whole line but what stands out strongest for me is their Stone Crop and Strawberry Rhubarb exfoliants. This brand has showed me the importance of exfoliation. These two suggestions are great for all skin types and will leave you with a feeling of new.  The other item from Eminence that I am eternally grateful for is their Facial Recovery oil. It’s my absolute favorite to this day! Little did I know this is considered a celeb “secret”…Cats outt’a the bag! Watch this oil change that way you love your skin.  Anyone of their products on their own or in a group are enough to light somebody up for the Holidays and Beyond!

KERSTIN FLORIAN I’ve had the pleasure of getting up close and personal with a variety of Kerstin Florians products. Their Rejuvenating Cleansing Gel is my staple evening wash. It leaves my skin fresh & clean w/out dryness! Their Fub Foot Balm proves that dry heels CAN be conquered and their black Moor Mudd Mask is so nurtrient dense with ancient minerals that I’m pretty sure it’s the best feeling mudd mask I’ve ever experienced. Another epic brand for the Holiday and Beyond


CANNACAUSES  This is a brand staple of mine with the cleanest grade CBC woven throughout their products. To a large extent this brand is rooted in medicinal, aiding severe symptoms. What I find wonderful about this plant medicine is that it meets you where you are, and leaves you better! The salt bath has a permanent place on my shelf and I feel is an incredible gift for the HolidayS and Beyond!!

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Wishing you the healthiest and happiest of holidays…. and beyond!!


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