SITA our very own superhero!

Juan January 24, 2017 No Comments
SITA Thompson our very own superhero!

What do Superheroes and SITA have in common?… They both wear capes!

Our Ilona Cape is making her debut as our signature statement piece. She goes perfect with every outfit, is a perfect travel companion, and can be worn for almost every occasion.  Whether you are running errands or enjoying a ladies night out, she will keep you feeling like a glamorous superhero! Click HERE to shop Ilona now.  She’s ready to make her way into (or should we say around) your arms!


SITA our very own superhero!We are excited to announce that SITA Couture will be available at the beautiful Mission Inn Hotel & Spa! Located in Riverside, California, it is the diamond of the Inland Empire!  Beginning as a twelve-room boarding house to the now stunning Spanish luxe-style hotel, it is packed with history and breathtaking views.  We are honored to become part of the Mission Inn Hotel & Spa family!

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