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Four Seasons Palo Alto Wellness Day

A perfect blend of industry with nature…

I’m always inspired and in awe when I hear about a property and all of their sustainable initiatives. It’s wonderful that these big, elite locations take so much pride in supporting local, and doing everything that they can to use sustainable methods in their practices while simultaneously educating their guests in the process.

Flying with Emily Diamond is one of my favorite things to do!

The sustainable initiatives titled the “Four Seasons of Preservation” involves employees and guests in the common goal of preserving and protecting the planet. They engage in sustainable practices that conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact. As importantly, sustainable tourism that enhances and protect the destinations where Four Seasons operates for generations to come.

In addition to wildlife preservation, energy conservation, and cultural appreciation,  we’re thrilled about is their passion for buying local, from farm fresh to table and supporting local artists and  local fashion.

When Spa Director of Four Seasons Palo Alto, Maritsa Victorian, invited us to come up and speak on sustainable fashion for Wellness Day last month, we were excited. She wanted us to educate on the power of your purchase, what really happens to all that fast fashion that gets thrown into the trash,  and share with her members more about SITA Couture and our sustainable initiatives.

Yea, 8000 synthetic chemicals are used in the fashion textile industry!!

We’ve been a part of the Four Seasons retail for the last few years. We find our way up to the Palo Alto property at least once a year to entertain and adorn the Four Seasons Palo Alto members and guests. We’ve yet to make it when Jerry Garcia and The Grateful Dead come, but that’s on the shot list for next year. The hotel is flooded with Grateful Dead groupies,  and I think the band even stays there.  I’m told that the pool party itself is worth the trip!

Let’s lounge!

The Four Seasons Palo Alto is sweetly nestled near the freeway and about 45min south of San Francisco making it the ideal business staycation resort with loads of local members that come there to use the beautiful amenities and luxurious pool.

Their spa is divine, with the best steam room ever. I don’t know what they put in it, but every time I leave the Four Seasons Palo Alto steam room, I feel like I’ve been to the hot springs.

I’ve also had the good fortune of being able to enjoy many of their massages, facials, and mani-pedis. Their mani-pedis are literally the best I’ve ever had.

Their halls are always flushed with amazing flowers:  lavender, orchids, and lilies.  I love this! And as you can tell by the picture below, my dear friend and mentor Emily Diamond from Gutsii chocolate who accompanied us on this trip was flabbergasted over the perfection of their flowers. She said, “now here’s a company who loves the earth and all of her gifts!”

Somebody loves the tulip perfection…

One of the draws to the Four Seasons is their luxurious pool.  They have a slew of poolside drinks that keep you nourished and hydrated as you soak up the luxurious sun.  My favorite is the cucumber/coconut! Disclaimer, these poolside drinks are known to keep people there soaking all day, enjoying everything you can suck up with their paper straws!

I’ve had many wonderful experiences at the Four Seasons Palo Alto, but coming up to speak about wellness and sustainability on this trip was my favorite. Having Emily Diamond there from Australia was such a treat.   She helped make the presentation all the more enriching and robust. Emily also got to experience some Four Seasons luxury and R&R.  Thank you Maritza!

I will always be thankful to Maritsa for forging us forward in that capacity and having us start to share more of our passions and purpose behind fashion and sustainability to a live audience.

Always a great time with this one!

I love raising awareness and sharing more about what we do. It was a delight to do this at Four Seasons Palo Alto for Wellness Day this year!

My wonderful regard and experiences with the Four Season’s property make them part of my top 5 West Coast staycation destination locations!!

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