A Family Affair

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A family affair - sita Thompson

Sita thompson a family affairI grew up as the daughter of an organic farmer.  A big part of my life was waking up with the sun, planting, watering, growing, and harvesting.  My dad is not only a farmer, he’s an entrepreneur.  Everything he does has purpose and is connected to earth, family, and sustainable healthy living.  He’s always been this way growing up and has only become more passionate about all of the above.

He taught me about business and mindset… blended Native American teachings with motivational audios from Tony Robbins, Dennis Waitley, and others… he taught me about conscious capitalism and how to treat people. What I didn’t realize until recently was how much his business, and how I was raised, impacted mine.

Sita Thompson familyGrowing up we lived our lives in a continuous cycle of planting and harvesting, and that is exactly what we do at SITA Couture but with fashion instead of farming.  I recently went Mexico to visit my dad where he runs his ranch Tierra Viviente (Living Earth) and has a lovely quaint restaurant in the center of Uruapan called Los Organicos.

Sita thompson family affair 2017I hadn’t been down there in years, and definitely not since the expansion of his factory and opening of the new restaurant. It was exhilarating to see my little brothers running the restaurant and explaining to me about the next harvest of quinoa and charcoal, knowing deep in my soul the great training they were getting.

I was equally as excited when we finally made out to visit the native artisans of the area where I was in search of a way to incorporate my indigenous roots into SITA Couture and share some of the stunning craftsmanship that is not only a part of my background but also a huge inspiration in everything I do.

Sita Thompson Family TripMission accomplished!

As our next collection will have these stunning hand loomed fabrics seamlessly woven in bringing me back full circle to the people I was raised with and a way of life I’ve always embraced.

Please enjoy this short little video as I take you through a bit of my dad’s world in Mexico where he brings native seeds and farmers together via agrobiodiversity and permaculture, while simultaneously actively fighting along side the environmental leaders of Mexico to keep GMO seeds out his region and battle Monsanto at every corner.

Lovers of our earth and the ones who take an active stand against the machine are the ones who ensure the future of our planet and teach others how to be empowered in the face of adversity.

I can only hope to be a fraction of this on my journey…

Family Affair 2017A family affair Sita


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